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Installation en résidence d'artiste, Buitenwerkplaats, Amsterdam, 2012.

A residency usually consists of a workshop or studio and a place to live for an artist for a certain amount of time. The constant flow of artists passing through is the starting point for the instant-made project. If you pay close attention to the place, you can discover many traces of former inhabitants, and you learn to see the place itself from a different perspective. Which traces of other artists can you find? Benoît Pype is creating a second space, a smaller version of the studio, in which he presents these found shapes and in which they can be appreciated in a new way. The unintentional pieces of art which were left by his predecessors are presented as finished artworks, as ready-mades, or better instant-mades. Benoît spends most of his time on making pedestals for this miniature sculptures. Turning them into collector’s items.